Lost a Pet

What to do if you have lost your dog or cat!

VISIT your local Animal Control and Veterinarians including the ones in surrounding areas. Your description of your pet and their description rarely match. YOU MUST GO LOOK! Leave a picture of your pet and your phone number at each location. Be aware of how much time you have to claim your pet before it is euthanized or adopted! Government Animal Control agencies usually keep an animal for only 3 days and then they either adopt it out or destroy it. You only get one chance at this!

  • But First ~ Have you searched your property thoroughly – EVERY nook and cranny.
  • Talk to your neighbors – if they are not home, leave a description of your pet and a phone number.
  • Leave some food out in a protected place in case they return and you’re not there.
  • Place an Ad in your local newspaper.
  • Check the newspaper “found” ads every.
  • Post MANY flyers within a 10-mile radius from your home or from where they were last seen.

If your pet does not have a collar and tag- get one: also have your petmicrochipped. This is the best way to get your pet back if it does get lost.